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Rays of Sunshine

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The sun was out in full force this past weekend, so I spent some time walking around Alki.  On my walks, I had the following thoughts:

  • I hear a lot about the demise of family but that was not the case this weekend.  Families were out in force. They were tanning, playing games, walking dogs, riding bikes, and spending time together.
  • There may have been lots of phones & tablets, but for the most part, they were put away. I saw more hands holding ice cream cones than cell phones.
  • For the girls in high heels and the guys in Timberlands, I have one question: why?  I get that some people may want to dress up and wear a cute outfit, but it looks better if you dress for where you’re going.
  • I hate the girls in bikinis. I know it’s wrong, but it’s true. They make me feel bad about myself.  And in reality, it’s not hate; it’s jealousy.
  • All of the muscly guys with their t-shirts off looked the same to me.  Seriously. I could not tell them apart from each other.
  • Austin & Portland want to keep things weird. I think Seattle may jump on this bandwagon, and I wouldn’t mind it one bit.




Written by rachel

June 1, 2014 at 10:14 pm

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