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To Be Brave

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When the no makeup selfies started making their appearances on my Facebook & Twitter timelines, I didn’t pay very much attention.  The concept isn’t a new one and I wasn’t going to post one of myself, until I read this article: There’s no bravery in no makeup selfies

The audacity to claim that people posting no makeup selfies think of themselves as brave was annoying. The bitterness towards the spirit that drives people to want to take part in something like this was unfortunate.  The no makeup selfie trend may not be earth shattering, but it is a shared online experience that, if just for a moment, reminds us about the ongoing fight against cancer.  And that is pretty incredible.

So Kim Stephens, you did what no one else could do, you got me to post my own no makeup selfie.  I didn’t do it to be brave.

I did it as a daughter who was adopted because my mother had cancer as a kid that prevented her from having kids of her own.

I did it as a daughter who watched her dad die from cancer and has missed him every day for the past 26 years.  I still don’t know if time makes the loss easier or harder to bear.

I did it as a niece who watched her uncle die from cancer.

I did it as a best friend who is eternally grateful that my best friend beat cancer.

I did it as a friend who has supported friends as their friends and family members have battled cancer.

I did it because cancer sucks and I want there to be a cure.




Written by rachel

April 14, 2014 at 10:22 pm

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