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Game Day, Pregame

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I haven’t been this nervous for a game since I was in high school and the football team was lining up for the state championship game against the team that beat them the previous year in the finals.

I know how that game turned out, I’m just not sure how today will turn out.  Logically I know the Seahawks have prepared and will be ready to play. What I do not know is how the 49ers have prepared or how the referees will call the game.  In my heart of heart, I think the NFL wants a 49er-Patriots Super Bowl but as a football fan, I’d rather see a Seahawks-Broncos match up.  And while that may sound like a homer dream game, if you knew how much I hated the Broncos, you wouldn’t even dream of thinking that.

Before they take to the field, I wanted to say that, win or lose, I love this Seahawks team.  The way they play on the field is what gets me fired up, but what I see and read of the team off the field gives me hope that the next generation isn’t about sitting back and trying to reap the rewards of someone else’s hard work.

But, for 60 game minutes today, I want their play on the field to make me cry tears of joy.

I’m in!




Written by rachel

January 19, 2014 at 11:09 am

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