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As soon as I heard that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were coming to Seattle, I immediately bought two tickets for the December 12th, which was the first Seattle show announced.

These tickets were not going to be for me and a friend, or even me and a date.  Instead, they were going to be a birthday present for my nephew who turned 17 on December 13th.  The only hesitation I had was that I was unsure if he was a Macklemore fan.  I knew that he enjoyed concerts so I somewhat crossed my fingers and hoped that he would, at the very least, be appreciative of the gesture.  After all, I really wanted to go and was looking forward to the show!

Fast forward to day of the concert.  All he knew was that we were going to do something in Seattle for his birthday.  Finally the time came and I had to tell him because I wasn’t sure how to plan out the rest of the afternoon until the show started.  All I can say is, success!!!!  He was totally stoked and started texting people the news.  (Hey, it’s his birthday; he has the right to make them a little jealous.)

While I was expecting a great show, I was blown away by the experience.  It was phenomenal in every way.  From the over the top costumes, to the introductions he did for the guest musicians and singers, to the excitement of the night…it was all matched by his performance.  It was the ultimate shared experience for a Macklemore and Ryan Lewis fan in Seattle, which was summed up nicely in Rolling Stone

Even better, and what made it all worth it for me, was that he inspired my nephew.  He left feeling uplifted and positive about life.  I am thankful that I got to share such a meaningful night with him and hope that when he looks back on the night, he remembers the feelings of inspiration he left the show with.

And just when I thought I couldn’t be more impressed with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, I find out that they’re in a Holiday Charity Competition with Pearl Jam to see whose fans can raise more money for YouthCare’s Orion Center. 

Simply amazing.



Written by rachel

December 14, 2013 at 3:41 pm

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