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Beauty Lines

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When did young become the definition for beauty?

I’ll admit that this is a somewhat sensitive subject for me as I am usually mistaken for being much younger than I actually am.  The guys I used to work with thought I was the intern and younger than 24, while the girls were a little closer when they guessed late 20s.  (For the record, I’m 35.)

This is not a source of pride, it’s a source of humiliation.  Imagine going out to dinner and your friends automatically pull out their IDs and tell the waitress, with a nod in my direction, “She looks so young you have to ID her, so I know you’ll ask me to be polite.  This only happens when I’m with her, so here’s my ID.”  Or even worse, everyone orders a drink, but I’m the only one who is asked for ID.

Whenever I vent my frustration on Facebook, the comments are usually not sympathetic towards my feelings.  They’re usually more along of the lines of, “Hey that’s awesome!” or “I love it when I get carded!”

This makes me wonder: why is being told you look young a compliment?  The ultimate beauty holy grail seems to be to look 20, regardless of your actual age.  I hate seeing actresses with botox that hides their laugh lines and collagen that engorges their lips to ridiculous sizes.  I love seeing expressive foreheads, eyes framed by life, and smiles quoted by laugh lines.  These are your rewards for taking everything that life can throw at you and finding yourself standing on the other side.  Why would you want to hide these things?

This is not say that I’m opposed to making improvements…a nip here, a tuck there…especially if they make you feel better are cool.  (One thing I do not like are bags under my eyes.  As a contact lens wearer, I’ve been paranoid about bags since I was 13 and would definitely operate to get rid of them.)  And I’m not trying to say that I want to look like I’m 105.  What I am trying to say, actually what I’m trying to ask is, why aren’t crows feet and laugh lines considered beautiful?

I suppose that this is a follow up to what I posted earlier, only instead of rebuking the notion that I have to act a certain way to be attractive, I’m rebuking the notion that I have to look a certain way to be beautiful.  Before this gets too far out of hand, let me say that I do not look in the mirror and see the beauty staring back at me.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  I joke that my eye sight is so bad because my eyes can’t handle waking up and seeing my face first thing in the morning.  But what I do like seeing when I look in the mirror, are the years that have refined my eyes and the lines that are starting to frame my face.  If I’m being honest, I often see a tired reflection staring back at me, but every once in awhile I can see the hope and excitement from my younger days.  And seeing that, after experiencing what life has offered so far, is what I think is beautiful.




Written by rachel

April 18, 2013 at 8:18 pm

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