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Wanted: Larry Paul

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I still remember the phone call from a friend telling me to turn my TV on to watch this show with a dancing baby.  The show was called Ally McBeal and it quickly became must-see TV for me.

I don’t remember very much about how the show ended except that it seemed like it was time.  It felt like it lasted much longer than just 5 seasons.  However, a few years later I discovered reruns on the weekends and was reminded of how much I loved the show.  Then it came out on DVD.  As I watched all 5 seasons I was struck by just how unusual of show it was, and how much I missed all of the characters.

This past week, in search of some laughs, I started watching Season 4.  This is by far and away my favorite season.  It’s my favorite because of Ally McBeal & Larry Paul.  I’m not sure that I’ve seen two people more perfect for each other and more convincing of wanting to love each other.  It’s a love story that is heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time.

As I’ve been watching Larry fall in love with Ally, I’ve realized that I don’t want Christian Grey.  I want Larry Paul.  He’s funny, sensitive, vulnerable, and perfectly imperfect.  The best thing about Larry Paul, isn’t in how he dominates Ally, it’s in how he gets all of her quirks.  The neurotic moments that can drive people crazy, he accepts and addresses as though she’s asking him to pass the butter.

It’s also made me see Robert Downey, Jr in a different light.  Before Ally McBeal, I mostly remember him for tabloid stories but as Larry Paul, he was stunning.  Not because he was someone so unbelievable but precisely because he was so believable.  He wasn’t an extraordinary person in passing, but he was with Ally.  And that’s what makes it stand out from the other love stories.  It wasn’t about two people that were amazing coming together, it was about two people being amazing together.


ally mcbeal larry paul


Written by rachel

February 7, 2013 at 12:02 am

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