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After the season the Seahawks had this year, it was bound to generate some bandwagon fans.  The most famous is Bill Simmons, although he admitted to jumping on the bandwagon at the beginning of the year and pretty much drove it all season.

For the most part, I don’t give much thought to the bandwagon fan concept.  If you’re on board, then that’s pretty much all that matters to me.  It’s mostly fun to joke about when there’s a big group of people together, but I don’t take it seriously and don’t understand why other people do.  Maybe it’s because I wasn’t born into a diehard sports family.  I found sports, and the teams I like, pretty much on my own.

Plus, I really just love the games themselves.  While I hate some teams, and will avoid watching them when I can, there is no team, coach, or player that I would ever put above the sport.  The game is amazing.  And part of the game, for me, is connecting with other fans to cheer when they win and commiserate when they lose.  The rest of the stuff just doesn’t matter to me.

Exit Here

The exact opposite of the Seahawks and their bandwagon fans is Lance Armstrong and his persecutors.  I’m not sure where the Lance Armstrong supporters are but it seems like everyone is coming out in full force against this man.  While I don’t support cheating, I also don’t understand what cycling is doing.  I’m not sure if they’d even be able to find a clean cyclist, probably because they’ve spent all of their resources in trying to bring down the one person who made it popular.

Then someone told me that his sponsors were going to try to sue him to get their money back.  Fine.  Then he should sue you for the all sales he generated for you brand and products.  Seems fair, right? Actually fair isn’t the right word.  Ridiculous is a better description.


MLB Hall of Fame voters shame on you.  You couldn’t come up with a couple of players to vote into the HOF this year?

2013 Hall of Fame Vote

Here’s who I’d vote in this year:

Lee Smith: Growing up I was a huge Cubs fan and loved watching Lee Smith pitch.  I waited every game to come in and pitch.

Curt Schilling: Remember 2001 when he was with Arizona and beat the Yankees in the World Series?  I think him & Randy Johnson were co-Sportsmen of the Year.  And the bloody sock?

Edgar Martinez: There is no player that I have loved watching more than Edgar.  Mariner games haven’t been the same without him.  Oh, and he had a couple of hits over the course of his career.

Barry Bonds: I don’t like Barry Bonds and am not a fan, but he’s in the 40/40 club.  Even before the accusations he was a HOFer.






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January 16, 2013 at 11:31 pm

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