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I’ll admit that when I first came across Do or Di by Eileen Cook I thought that it would be an easy read and a decent way to pass the time.  I wasn’t wrong.

It was enjoyable, despite the fact that the outcome is fairly easy to guess.  There were parts I liked, especially that it was set in Seattle and the two main characters had a radio show called He said, She said that debated topics from the male/female perspective.  I could relate to the main character, being a 30+ single female who doesn’t have herself or her life figured out.  What I hated was that she was dating a married man and was blind, almost to the point of self-sabotage.

What really got to me about this book was after I had finished it.  It stayed with me through my dreams.  This is highly unusual for me since I may obsess over a story but I rarely think about what comes next.  The closest that I’ve come to thinking about a sequel was when I was in high school.

My friend and I had gone to the nearest city to have dinner and watch a movie (our big night out!).  As soon as we exited onto the freeway, and were on the road home, her car broke down.  Since we were good kids, we were heading home fairly early, probably around 9 or 10pm.  There was still plenty of traffic heading out of the city and lots of cars driving by, including semi trucks.  We assumed that someone would stop to see if we needed help or would at least call the cops about a car on the side of the road.  Wrong.

As midnight came and went, her parents started to get worried because she had a curfew that she never missed.  They knew something was up, so they came in search of us.

While we were waiting, we decided to create the sequel to The Bodyguard.  I don’t remember what we came up with, just that we were able to spend hours talking about it.  It wasn’t quite winter, but it was cool and we tried to stay warm while we hoping that we didn’t get hit by one of the speeding cars before help arrived.

Just like I don’t remember the sequel to the Bodyguard we plotted out on the side of the road so many years ago, the ever after I dreamed about for Do or Di is a bit fuzzy.  What stands out is that I didn’t see them in a traditional married and living happily ever after type of ending.  I’m not even sure that they were living together.  Yet they were together, perhaps as an extended and put together type of family with the other characters, but a happy family nonetheless.  That it was so different, but with just as much joy as a fairy tale I read about when I was young, made me happy. And that’s what made it a good dream.


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October 9, 2012 at 1:30 pm

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