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Monday Night Football

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I’m really surprised at all of the chatter revolving around the Seattle-Green Bay game.

I should mention that I was at the game, am a Seahawks season ticket holder, and the play happened in front of my section.  I couldn’t actually see the play as it happened so I relied on the reaction of the Seahawk fans around me to let me know if I should cheer or boo.  I immediately started jumping up and down and was screaming my head off.  I have not been that excited in quite some time.  (Ok, maybe since last week because we beat the team I hate more than anything else.)

I just saw the replay and am fine with how it was called.  If Jennings had intercepted the ball, why did he give it up to Golden Tate?  Don’t whine and complain if you’re not going to hold onto the ball.  Also, there was a tweet that said it best: ‏‪@ShaunDolence If Green Bay wants to be upset, direct your anger at Jennings. He is the one who decided to intercept the ball instead of knocking it down.

As someone who has loved watching sports since I was a little kid, here are my thoughts when it comes to winning and losing games:

  1. If you’re not prepared to outplay bad officiating, then you’re not prepared to win.
  2. If you blame a single play for the reason you lost the game, then you didn’t do enough during the other plays to win the game.

I say this as a fan who remembers Super Bowl XL  with a broken heart.  I thought there were plenty of bad calls but, in the end, the Seahawks didn’t do enough to win the game.

There are countless games that could be drudged up, but you know what?  Whining doesn’t change the outcome.

Golden Tate wasn’t going to let the win be stolen away at home on MNF and all that matters is this: Seahawks 14 Green Bay 12


Written by rachel

September 24, 2012 at 11:24 pm

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