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Right vs Wrong

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This is the thought I had today as I was driving to Target, passing kids who were just getting out of school:  There’s a lot of talk about knowing right from wrong, but what if you were never taught right from wrong as a kid?

I had this thought after thinking about how selfish I am, and am pretty sure it’s a result of always having to share my toys with my little brother.  I hated having to share with him when he’d want something just because I had it.  I love being an adult because everything I own is mine and I don’t share my things with anyone.  Since my brother would usually destroy my things, I have a strong distrust of anyone who wants to “borrow” something from me.

My point in sharing my selfishness is that I grew up and was taught to share, yet I don’t like to.  Even as an adult, I remain territorial.  So as I was driving past the kids just getting out of school, I couldn’t help but wonder, how are kids supposed to know right from wrong if they’re never taught?

As adults how do these kids behave?  How do they work with others?  Do they build up teams or tear them down?  Do they mentor others to succeed or do they walk all over everyone?  If they’re not given a code to guide them, then how do they develop a point of reference?



Written by rachel

September 20, 2012 at 8:24 pm

Posted in Life, Ponderings

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