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Day 11: Hatred

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President Clinton, DNC 2012

I have never been a supporter of President Clinton.  When I had the opportunity to vote for him, I voted for Bob Dole.  But I am very happy that he called out the hatred that runs through the Republican party in his speech last night:

Maybe just because I grew up in a different time, but though I often disagree with Republicans, I actually never learned to hate them the way the far right that now controls their party seems to hate our president and a lot of other Democrats. ~ President Clinton

It is the Republican hatred that got me to stop voting Republican.  I watched the Clinton Impeachment hearings and listened to the Republican politicians talk with hatred, spitefulness, and vengeance.  While I do not hold President Clinton blameless in his impeachment, I do not agree with the Republicans who were on a witch hunt to bring down an American President.

By their own behavior, they did not think what he did was bad.  Their claim for family values and morality became a farce as I learned about their divorces, extra-marital affairs, and abortions they supported.  It broke my young, hopeful, idealistic heart that they lied with pride about what they believed in and stood for.

While looking for President Clinton’s speech, I came across this and it made me laugh:

Bill Clinton knows he drives Republicans Bat Sh** crazy

Thought that this was interesting:

What do you believe?

While watching President Obama give his speech tonight, these are the words that came to mind:







I think that tonight’s speech was different from his previous speeches.  It had a different tone that what I’ve heard from him before.  Maybe I’ve heard too many of his speeches, or maybe I’m projecting how I feel at the moment, but I think it was a roll-up-your-sleeves and don’t give up (ala Coach Jimmy Valvano) kind of speech.  It wasn’t me vs you, it was us.  We are patriots who believe in America: today, tomorrow, forever.


It’s amazing to be able to listen to someone who played such a vital role in American history:




Written by rachel

September 6, 2012 at 8:43 pm

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