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Missing Out

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Instead of staying home and watching the closing night of the RNC, I went to the last Seahawks’ preseason game.  The game was great but now I’m playing catch up on what happened.

Overall this is what the 2012 RNC has left me with:  We have a system set up that allows politicians to place blame without having to take responsibility.

Senator Marco Rubio

I’m intrigued by this guy, so will probably follow him as I can.  I think that with Senator Rubio, Governor Christie, and Governor Martinez the Republican party’s next step could be really interesting.

As I listen to Senator Rubio’s speech, the thought that crosses my mind is this:  as a country we not only want the opportunity to succeed, but we also need to have the opportunity for immigrants to become Americans.  This is a vital part of our American dream, yet for all the stories I’ve heard about the parents and grandparents who immigrated, I don’t hear the inclusion of immigrants in the Republican platform.

While the Republicans talk about how their parents or grandparents fulfilled the American dream, they are ignoring the fact that President Obama and the First Lady are the American dream.

When I look at Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan I see the way things are.  When I look at President Obama, I see what can be done.  That is the change that he has brought to this country, and that is the hope he has given younger generations.

Clint Eastwood

I don’t understand the point of Clint Eastwood’s speech.  He doesn’t like President Obama but he didn’t tell me what Mitt Romney would do.


I’ll watch Romney’s speech later but for now, I leave you with this:



Written by rachel

August 31, 2012 at 12:20 am

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