Slow Turning

Like the song says, you can learn to live with love or without it

Day 5: Waylon Jennings

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Playlist Waylon Jennings

I woke up feeling tired and broken down this morning and had some random thoughts:

Jesse Lee Perkins – 17 years

Monday, August 20th, marked the day that my brother lost his best friend.  It was such an odd day because I woke up feeling all kinds of melancholy.  I got on Facebook, saw the posts remembering Jesse, and knew why.

I can’t remember ever meeting Jesse, he was someone I always knew.  My earliest memories of him are from 5th grade.  I would bring my basketball to school every day, and every morning, he’d come up to me asking me why I had his basketball.  He was so loud, and I was extremely shy, I’d get embarrassed.  But he was always smiling and laughing so I actually started looking forward to seeing him in the mornings.

Jesse was the person who made everyone feel as if they had a special friendship with him.  Because of that, I think each of us knew a part of Jesse that he never shared with anyone else.

I remember the night Jesse died.  We had graduated from high school just a couple of months earlier, and I was enjoying my last weekend at home before leaving for college.  Jesse showed up with some friends where I was at and, more than anything, I remember how tired he looked.  I told him that he should just go home and get some sleep.  He agreed and said that he was going to try to get home soon.  I remember feeling relieved because I felt that he’d be safe once he got home.

On Monday I was saddest because it made me think that my nephews have been robbed of knowing someone who would love them.

This song reminds me of him: 


Leave me if you need to, I will still remember…

Waylon Jennings

Waking up in a funk…part tired, part confused, part lost…has not helped me relax.  But shutting the world out and listening to Waylon on my walk this morning was a step in the right direction.

Being in the midst of an election year, I felt like this song was fitting:

Promise and then follow through, America

Diva by Susan Fleet

I finished this book last night and loved it.  The story wove characters and stories together that lead to a predictable, yet satisfying, conclusion.  Even when the characters were not doing what I thought they should do, I realized that the author had me engaged enough to be yelling at my Kindle!

And what was really interesting was reading from different points of view.  The villain was attracted to the Diva, who was attracted to the Officer, who was attracted to his coworker.  Having situations and events evaluated from their differing perspectives was interesting and gave a multi-dimensional view of the story.

If you are looking for something to read, this is an engaging, easy read.


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