Slow Turning

Like the song says, you can learn to live with love or without it

Day 3: Aimless

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Playlist: Alan Jackson

This is really Day 1 of my leave.  I worked over the weekend and have felt helpless and overwhelmed.  I feel as though I’ve fallen down a black hole and I have no way out.

I know this is not true but I am so exhausted, I can’t see the end or any light to chase.

While I’m off, I’m trying to catch up on movies and reading:

Act of Valor

Last night I watched Act of Valor and was struck by a few of things:

The Navy SEALs are amazing.  I know it was just a movie but what struck me was that these guys don’t run away, or even flinch, when there’s danger.  They move towards it, strong and steady, and do not hesitate.  It was incredible to watch

I’ll guess that they save our lives a million times a day and never get credit for it.  We’ll never get know just how much they do.  Their stories deserve to get told, and yet, they’ll only be known by the guys who were there.

The SEALs include some of the most incredible humans to walk this planet, and yet there’s something so matter of fact about them.  If I could do what they did, I would gloat and tell everyone how great I was.  But these dudes want to save the world and go home to their families.  As long as their brothers know what they did, and survive, that seems to be what they care about.  It’s an amazing tradition.  I can only imagine being a person capable of being a SEAL.


Some of my latest reads:

A Deceit to Die For by Luke Montgomery

I’ll be honest.  When I started reading this book, I thought I was reading a different book and I was really confused for the first couple of chapters.

Once I got past my own mistaken book identity, I got into the book.  In fact, this is probably one of the best books I’ve read in quite some time.  The story line, the characters….all of if it tied together.  I have been on an anti-sequel/trilogy book series, but I could see how this book could kick off an trilogy unlike anything else I’ve read.

I am very much looking forward to more books from Mr. Luke Montgomery!

Messages by John Michael Hileman

I really liked this book.  It was easy to read and kept my interest.  Which is odd, because I guessed the culprit at the beginning of the story but thought it was too obvious.  Actually I didn’t guess the culprit, I just thought that there was something odd about him but couldn’t quite place it.  As the story went along, I talked myself out of it.  Only to find out that my initial instinct was correct.

Confessions by Ryne Douglas Pearson

I didn’t think I’d like this book at first but then I couldn’t put it down.  Growing up Catholic, I never thought of Priests as being merely human.   I always saw them as being above the weaknesses that so easily corrupted less holy and devout Catholics.

As an adult, I realize that they are normal human beings and this story reminds me of that fact. Father Michael Jerome knows what he’s supposed to do as a Priest, but his role as brother and son win out.  He struggles with his choices, but ultimately he puts his chooses to search out answers to the questions he has as a brother and son.


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