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Day 2: The Shape I’m In

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As I started out on my walk today, I started thinking about the shape I’m in.  I’m definitely at an all time low.  I’ve never been this heavy or this out of shape.  Somewhere in between my smallest, around 2005-2006, and now, I gave up.  It was probably after the 30-year mark but the past couple of years have been particularly bad.  I’ve increased my eating and have worked hard to limit my physical activity.

While I realize that I’ll never be super model thin, or even back down to a size 2, I would like to get back to the 4-6 size range.  I don’t have any idea how long it’ll take me to get there but I figure I can start by:

  1. Finding a new job.  The negative environment I work in isn’t good and is probably contributing to my bad eating and desire to stay tucked under the covers.
  2. Set up boundaries for when I work. I saw the following on Facebook and need to remember it: If you feel guilty when you rest, it’s the devil making you feel guilty; it’s not God. He has not called you to be a workaholic. He wants you to have balance and take time to be healthy because if you’re not healthy yourself you cannot do anything for anybody else.” – Joyce Meyer Ministries
  3. Commit to doing something.  For right now, it’s doing my walk loop, which is probably 1-1 ½ miles.
  4. Don’t over do it.  I was thinking tonight that I should double my walk, then I reeled myself in and said that I should stick to my loop…for at least this week.
  5. Be ok with skipping a night or two.  I may not be able to walk every night but I’d like to walk 3-4 nights a week, and maybe take longer walks, or even hikes, on the weekends.
  6. Accept the fact that I am not meant to be a size 0.  For better or worse, I am who I am.  I will always want to be skinnier and prettier but I’m hoping that with (more) age, I’ll become comfortable with my body shape and looks.


Matchbox Twenty : Bent


Written by rachel

August 13, 2012 at 7:58 pm

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