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What if Gonzaga isn’t invited to the NCAA Tournament?

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Gonzaga After St. Mary’s

“We just kept forcing shots,” senior guard Matt Bouldin said. “Whether it was one pass and everybody trying to create on their own, we kind of lost our identity in terms of moving the ball around and moving the defense around.”

Omar Samhan, dubbed in this morning’s paper as the tournament’s “‘Most Valuable Jackass’ hands down,” provided a lot of proof for who he really is as a basketball player and as a human being.

“We started to get frustrated and lose our heads with how the game was going,” said Steven Gray, who led the Zags with 16 points. “By the end of the game, we were completely dismantled as a group.

“As a team we’ve responded pretty well after losses. Hopefully we can do the same here and make a late push.”

“They did lots of penetrating and hitting the 3s,” Gray said. “We were getting caught off screens. It hurts to see them (celebrate). There’s so many things you wish you could change.”

Video of a douchebag:

It’s interesting to read the articles, and especially the blogs, after Gonzaga’s loss to St. Mary’s. The question that comes to mind is how different would Gonzaga have coached and played if they weren’t certain about their invitation to the NCAA tournament?

I know it’s an absurd thought that a Top 20 ranked team wouldn’t be invited; however, I remember when the Zags were on the bubble trying to earn the respect to get an at-large bid. I remember the 6 seed when the team was ranked 6th in the country. There are crazy things that happen on Selection Sunday so nothing would surprise me at this point.

I wonder: if St. Mary’s didn’t get exposure from playing Gonzaga on TV twice a year and in the tournament, would people be as upset over them not getting in last year or as worried about their chance this year?

This was probably the toughest video to watch:

I know the criticism of them not trying, playing hard, or getting up for big games but they look devastated. Seeing Steven Gray looking that dejected is really hard to watch. I thought he had a great tournament and, had Gonzaga won, would’ve been named Tournament MVP.

I also found this press conference of LMU coach Max Good. I am really impressed with him and his players, Jarred DuBois and Drew Viney, after seeing this clip:


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March 10, 2010 at 2:07 am

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