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Sports Illustrated
This week’s issue of SI included back to back article on two of my favorite teams: the Gonzaga Bulldogs and the Seattle Mariners!

The Luxury Imports Are Here
Luke Winn
March 1, 2010
Foreign players such as Gonzaga freshman Elias Harris are proving that they can be as valuable as top American recruits. Thanks to a recent NCAA rule change, even more overseas talent will soon be on the way

Feel The Glove
Albert Chen
March 01, 2010
OBP? Sooo 2003. This winter baseball’s smart guys—most notably the ones running the Mariners—turned run prevention into the Next Big Thing

Bill Simmons Podcast
Listening to a Bill Simmons podcast with Dave Dameshek this week, two topics stood out:

1 – Needing to be a stathead to talk and debate about sports.  The example they used was baseball.  There are some crazy stats out there that I don’t know and don’t plan on learning.  For the record, I blame the emergence of fantasy sports for people overvaluing statistics and creating off-the-wall stats. It may just be me, but I don’t find anyone credible who relies on stats alone.  I’m a fan, not a GM, scout, coach, or owner.  And as a fan, all I care about is if I like watching someone play and if my team wins.  Stats have their place, mostly in the record books or if you want to split hairs, but when it comes to the greatest players, it’s not their stats that stand out, it’s the way they played the game.

2 – Racism playing a role in preventing the NBA from overtaking MLB in popularity.  It struck me because race doesn’t enter my mind when I am watching my favorite players and teams. 

American Idol
For the most part, I still think that we’re being punk’d this season but in addition to liking Crystal Bowersox, John Park, Casey James, and Andrew Garcia, I am adding Siobhan Magnus to my list of favorites.  Crystal and Siobhan were the best this week.

Siobhan singing Think by Aretha Franklin

Crystal singing As Long As I See The Light by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Memory Lane: Derek Raivio
For whatever reason, I have really missed seeing Derek Raivio this year.  I think I appreciate him a little bit more with each passing year.  Here are some articles and video clips of him.

Give Them A High Five March 07, 2005

Unsung Floor General: Derek Raivio August 5, 2005

WCC Tournament Champs

Look at the :34 second mark, the #4 SC play

Really nice video of the 2005-2006 season

Derek Raivio Senior Year Interview

Derek Raivio mix video

Allen Iverson
AI has made the right decision.  Based on this article, he needs to focus on his family.

Whether or not he ever plays in the NBA again, the NBA is better because of AI and I’ll miss being able to see him play.  He was/is a special player who, despite his public aversion to practice, left it all on the floor.  I think all young basketball players should watch game film on AI to see a real life example of what it means to play at 110%.

Hank Gathers
I honestly don’t know much about Hank Gathers beyond the articles and Outside The Lines episode I watched today.  It’s a touching story.

This Day in Sports: A Budding Basketball Star Falls Too Soon

Hank Gathers, 20 years later

Heart of a Lion: The Life, Death and Legacy of Hank Gathers is a new book by Kyle Keiderling. It tells the story of Hank’s incredible life and tragic death.  Here is the twitter account to find more info on Gathers:


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