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Instead of it being Senior Night, it felt like it was more Matt Bouldin appreciation night. It’s not that I don’t love Bouldin, but we know a lot about Bouldin. I may be out on my own island, but I was definitely interested in learning more about, hearing from, and seeing Chris Pontarolo-Maag and Will Foster in the GU spotlight.

Congrats to the Gonzaga Bulldogs for collecting some WCC Awards!  Both Gonzaga Men & Women are on a roll, especially with the women going undefeated in conference play.  I admittedly don’t watch women’s sports, but I am definitely hoping I get to watch this year’s women’s team in the NCAA Tournament!

2010 West Coast Conference Men’s Basketball Honors

WCC Player of the Year: Matt Bouldin, GON
WCC Defensive Player of the Year: Omar Samhan, SMC
Newcomer of the Year: Elias Harris, GON
Coach of the Year: Mark Few, GON

2010 All-WCC First Team
Matt Bouldin, GON
T.J. Campbell, POR
Steven Gray, GON
Elias Harris, GON
Dior Lowhorn, USF
Mickey McConnell, SMC
Omar Samhan, SMC
Robin Smeulders, POR
Vernon Teel, LMU
Drew Viney, LMU

Honorable Mention
Keion Bell, PEP
Matthew Dellavedova, SMC
Brandon Johnson, USD
Luke Sikma, POR
Jared Stohl, POR
Mychel Thompson, PEP
Marc Trasolini, SCU

All-Freshman Team
Matthew Dellavedova, SMC
Ashley Hamilton, LMU
Elias Harris, GON
Chris Manresa, USD
Robert Smith, SCU

2010 West Coast Conference Women’s Basketball Honors

Player of the Year: Courtney Vandersloot, GON
Defensive Player of the Year: Louella Tomlinson, SMC
Newcomer of the Year: Katelan Redmon, GON
Coach of the Year: Kelly Graves, GON

2010 All-WCC First Team
Miranda Ayim, PEP
Heather Bowman, GON
Dominique Conners, USD
Alex Cowling, LMU
Laiken Dollente, POR
Vivian Frieson, GON
Lena Gipson, SCU
Jontelle Smith, SMC
Louella Tomlinson, SMC
Courtney Vandersloot, GON

Honorable Mention
Rheina Ale, SUF
Sam Child, USD
Alexis Gannis, POR
Jazmine Jackson, PEP
Tiffanie Shives, GON
Alyssa Shoji, SCU
Renahy Young, LMU

All-Freshman Team
Shay Cooney-Williams, PEP
Meagan Fulps, SCU
Kate Gaze, SMC
Tifa Puletasi, SMC
Felicia Weinberg, USD

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Updated: Friday, February 26, 2010

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Junior guard torches a familar foe for 26 on 10 of 12 shooting as Zags rout Broncos
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Gordon Hayward Leads Mid-Major Player of the Year Candidates
by Ari Kramer
Written on March 02, 2010
*I haven’t actually seen Hayward play but being the GU fan that I am, I am hard pressed to find any player better than Matt Bouldin.

Lawton Printing Incorporated
March Savings if Gonzaga makes it to the Elite 8

Zags fill gap with winGONZAGA: 78-59 victory helps fill gap before tourney
NICHOLAS K. GERANIOS; The Associated Press | • Published March 03, 2010


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