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During this week’s games against Portland and Memphis, I saw no sign of the team that played San Francisco. Every player has contributed and it seems as though the coaching staff and players were in sync for these two games. (I hope it continues!)

Goodson – I think he’s played his best two games of the season.

Sacre – Excellent, excellent game by him today. One of my tweets during the game was that he was making me proud!

Foster – The more I see him play, the more surprised I am at how much I like him.

Arop & Olynyk – I feel the same about them as I do about Foster; the more I see them play, the more I really like them.

Harris – Had an off night tonight (I think he got into foul trouble early and never got into the game but he had 6 points and 6 rebounds), but I actually think it’s good to see how the team responds when he’s not dominating the game.

Gray & Bouldin – I tweeted over and over again how much I loved them during today’s game. I really believe that as these two go, so goes the team. I know that they’re going to have off nights but they have to play through those games. I think that when they play aggressive, regardless of what else is going on, the whole team plays better. (Although I will say that Gray was running around like a wild man during the Portland game, and I had no idea what he was doing. Today it seemed like he was racking up fouls like crazy but played through them.)

I don’t have much to say beyond how happy I am with how the team played this week. I still think they need to stop turning the ball over and make their FTs; and I’m adding perimeter defense to the list, but I’m happy with how they’re playing as a team.

Bouldin’s been getting a lot of attention across the web so here’s a few things that I found



Here’s a blog post with some Foster love! (sort of but it made me laugh)

I also came across this posting by Chad Forde on ESPN. The most interesting part was his comments on Player of the Year. (From Forde’s list, I’d vote for Evan Turner. I get that people are taken with John Wall and everything that’s going on with Kentucky this year but Turner’s amazing!)

Also, this is an interesting article on athletic scholarships. I first heard about it on Outside the Lines.


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February 7, 2010 at 1:35 am

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