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Gonzaga vs University of San Francisco

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It’s really weird, Gonzaga loses to the University of San Francisco, and I’m not mad. I’m not even upset or disappointed. My theory for such calm after the upset:

1. After watching Kentucky lose to South Carolina, it became much clearer that conference play is harder than you expect, especially when you’re a young team. (That’s not an excuse for losing when you’re more talented but when the other team can combine talent, with luck, execution, experience, and a stronger desire to win, upsets really aren’t that far-fetched.)
2. From tip off, Gonzaga looked as though they didn’t care about the game. Sacre and Goodson had some good minutes but overall, no one looked like they wanted to be there. (I will give props to SCU for playing GU tough on Thursday. That game could’ve had something to do with Gonzaga’s lackluster performance. But then I think they’re 20, they should be able to bounce back from tough games, especially if they want to play deep into the NCAA tournament.)
3. My theory of Gonzaga not doing well when Gray doesn’t have the look, or his swagger, holds up. He didn’t have it. I thought his effort was there but he wasn’t in-your-face aggressive. (I am aware that he wasn’t like that against Portland and the Zags still won, but the rest of the team was fired up and ready to play.)

Truth-be-told I’m probably more upset over the Wake Forest loss than I am this loss. I’m also remembering that I said I would keep in mind that these are college players. (As I said here: This is a young team going through conference play for the first time together. They’re learning that an out-of-conference away game isn’t the same as a conference game on the road in a hostile environment.

With that being said, Matt Bouldin and Steven Gray absolutely need to step up in these games to rally the team when the other players aren’t game ready. From tip off it was obvious this game would be close. I thought talent would in out, but I was wrong, heart did. Gonzaga didn’t care enough to put the game away and while I don’t think it will cost them in the eyes of the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee, it will with the other WCC schools. Portland and St. Mary’s have to be pumped up that the Zags are vulnerable to a loss, and what better way to prove it than to beat GU at home? I hope the Zags are ready for those games.

Congrats to the University of San Francisco Dons. You deserved to win this game.


Written by rachel

January 30, 2010 at 10:59 pm

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