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Gonzaga vs Santa Clara

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These were my thoughts during tonight’s game:

Gonzaga can’t get into a rhythm. I think it’s due to Matt Bouldin. He looks like he’s not in this game. If he can settle down and get his game together, I think the team will follow suit. He does seem to be on the ball when it comes to fighting for calls to go in GU’s favor.

This is good game for Gonzaga. They need to be challenged. They can’t stop turning the ball over, they can’t make any shots, and they’re getting into foul trouble with 6:02 left in the first half.

Someone needs to step up. So far, I’d put money on Gray to stay scrappy and keep Gonzaga in this game.

Just like the Kentucky freshman learned at South Carolina, our freshman our learning what conference play is really like.

Gonzaga’s having a really bad night and Santa Clara is on fire. I like that Bouldin and Gray, despite their mistakes, are really pushing through and haven’t lacked effort.

Olynyk has been good off the bench. He’s a freshman and plays tough. With each bucket, I become a bigger fan of his shot.

Now that I’ve absorbed the Gonzaga 71-64 win over the Santa Clara Broncos, I feel like I can actually collect my thoughts.

At the top of my mind is Steven Gray. Gonzaga was playing horribly but seeing Gray really calmed me down and gave me confidence that Gonzaga would win the game. I know he’s been on a tear post-Duke (with the exception of the Portland game), but I didn’t notice a change in him until the St. Mary’s game. Ever since that game, when his face looked like he was saying Bring It, he’s played with that same look, swagger, and attitude. When he has that look I have every confidence that Gonzaga will win.

It’s odd because I don’t think I’ve ever had as much confidence in any player in any sport at any level as I do in Gray right now. I’m trying to think of someone, and no one comes to mind. There have been moments when I’ve believed a player will come through, or when they’re in the zone, but that’s mostly momentum. And while Gray is on a nice roll lately, it seems different. He has me believing that Gonzaga will win when they’re turning the ball over, can get shots to drop, and are facing a team that can’t miss a shot and is taking our senior guard out of his game. The talk is of Elias Harris being one and done, but if Gray continues to play the way he has been, there is no doubt, he will enter the draft conversation.

A new player on my radar is Manny Arop. I looked at the game stats and while he wasn’t big on the stat sheet, he was huge at the end of the game. I honestly hadn’t noticed him before but he got my attention tonight! He was all over the place, especially after he stepped in to make 2 FTs when Gray was taken out of the game. That’s right, he made both FTs! (And that was after the announcers said he was a 56% FT shooter.)

One thing I really liked was at the end of the game, instead of pulling up and waiting for the clock to wind down, Bouldin went for a layup. I’m not sure what people will say, but I was really happy to see that. With time on the clock and a 5 point deficit at home, it seemed as though Santa Clara felt like they still had a chance. That bucket erased all hope.

I’m glad that Gonzaga won but I thought that Stephen Bardo summed it up best: They made Gonzaga pedestrian. – Stephen Bardo

Here are some pre-game articles:

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I really miss Derek Raivio

Here’s a really great post game recap:


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January 29, 2010 at 12:55 am

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