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The State of the Union

Every time I hear President Obama speak, especially for big moments like the State of the Union Address, I am even more proud that he is the President of the United States. From the words he speaks to the manner in which he carries himself, he is a leader.

What I like best is that he doesn’t lead with fear, he leads with hope. He can present his agenda for the future while admitting the mistakes in the previous year. He takes responsibility for what hasn’t worked but reminds us that the work isn’t his alone. We all have responsibility in the state of ourunion.

What I liked best about his State of the Union Address was the overall determination to continue to aim for progress. He may alter the strategy but he will not give up on the dream to ensure that America is a leader in every way. The President also took a moment to remind Congress that they needed to work together to match the decency of the American people.

Our politicians have gotten lost in the fight amongst themselves. They’ve lost their perspective, their way. Once upon a time they may have cared about what was best for America but now all they care about is what’s best for them. It’s true that in a 24-hour news cycle, the slightest of mistakes are scrutinized and blown out of proportion but the politicians themselves add to this. They speak in absolutes and point the finger at the first sign of trouble. If they lead with forgiveness and acceptance maybe the spotlight wouldn’t shine so brightly on their own missteps.

What I didn’t was the apparent commitment to nuclear power plants. Until America can clean up the plants it has, I don’t think we should go down that path again.

My favorite line of the night was, “I do not accept second place for the United States of America.”

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell gave the Republican response. He was nondescript and pretty much what you envision when you hear the term white southern governor. The shots of non-white people in the audience were overdone; they looked like they were strategically placed. At 3:38 into his speech he called to restore the proper and limited role of government at every level. Someone online asked if that meant limiting the size of the military. He said that government should listen and then react but nothing about lead. He spoke about government’s role to create and foster opportunity but failed to follow up on what that opportunity is worth. There is a cost to create opportunity that was not addressed. The best part of the speech, at 9:44, was when he did what looked to be a Republican fist pump. That was really funny.

My question to Republicans is this: through the rhetoric of limiting the size of government, why are there no suggestions to limit the number of politicians in government?

To Democrats: Why can’t you be stronger leaders? You have a President that the country overwhelmingly voted for and you’ve spent his first year fighting with each instead of getting anything accomplished.

Here is the President’s State of the Union Address:

Here is the Republican’s response:

Here’s the text to the State of the Union Address


Written by rachel

January 27, 2010 at 11:48 pm

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