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Conan O’Brien

I could not have been more impressed with Conan O’Brien and his last hour on The Tonight Show.

I have never been the biggest Conan fan, but I remember watching Late Night in the early ‘90s and laughing because it was this weird wacky show with an offbeat host and funny sidekick. As I became more of a night owl I would tune in from time to time and really came to like the sketches on the show.

As host of the Tonight Show, Conan definitely got off to a slow start. I’m not sure what goes into putting together a show like that but the result wasn’t good. However, for as bad as the start was, the last couple of weeks were amazing. Conan showed why NBC should have kept him on as host. When his personality and quirks were able to be front and center the show got better.

While Conan may land at Fox, I agree with The Sports Guy, that Conan would be great at Comedy Central following Stewart and Colbert. They would be the triple threat that NBC could never put together. Anyway, here’s to Conan and his Tonight Show run. It wasn’t long enough, or original enough, but I think based on how NBC let this play out in the press, that wasn’t Conan’s fault.

Keith Urban
Based on these questions, someone sounds bitter! Although I do think it’s interesting that both John & Keith have already done Crossroads so I’m not sure why they would be doing one together.

Matt Bouldin
I definitely don’t mind criticizing any player if I think they didn’t have a good game but this is taking it too far.

College Basketball Player of the Year
After watching Evan Turner and Eric Bledsoe play, maybe the race for Player of the Year is a little more wide open than I’ve been reading about. I’m not saying that John Wall won’t win, but there are definitely other players who deserve some attention.

Hope for Haiti
I am all for helping. What I am not for is watching forced sympathy after a natural disaster. I almost couldn’t stomach listening to some of the celebs talk. It’s ok if you’re not in tears; we can empathize with Haiti without false emotion or talking in crazy absolute terms.

With my negativity out of the way, I will say that the story Julia Roberts told about the mother who spent 50 hours trying to dig her baby out really did touch me. And I was absolutely blown away by Justin Timberlake singing Hallelujah. Here are my favorite performances for the night.

Justin Timberlake: Hallelujah

Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow, and Kid Rock: Lean On Me

Shakira: I’ll Stand By You


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