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2010 Resolution & Thoughts

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2010 Resolution

A new motto: Be Daring: What have you not tried?

There’s a lot I need and want to do in 2010 but I think a new motto sums it up best.

Some thoughts  into the New Year

Gonzaga Basketball – January 2, 2010 (while watching the Gonzaga – Illinois game)

Thank you Zags for beating Oklahoma on NYE.  My night was fantastic after watching that win!  And of course the best part was the Spoklahoma jokes that we got to make all night long.

Against the Fighting Illini, you are currently breaking my heart.  I have come to believe that Gray and Harris are the players that we really need to win.  This was true in the first 10 minutes of the game when you went up by 21, and proved to be true when you fell behind in the second half.  Although I must say, part of your luck in the first half was that the Illini couldn’t make a basket to save themselves.

It kills me to say this, especially since I think this Gonzaga team has talent, but I have yet to see any real heart from this team.  There is not a single player I can imagine taking over based on his will to win.  I like Matt Bouldin a lot – he’s one of my favorite players – but I don’t think he’s the player that’s going to put Gonzaga over the top.  I think he can drive them and direct them but I really think this season is up to Steven Gray and Elias Harris.

New Year Horoscopes 

Horoscope Cancer – Jan. 3, 2010

Though you might wake up today feeling a little feverish, Cancer, as the day progresses you’ll be your old self again. You should be putting a lot of effort into work, particularly mundane chores and tasks that you’d rather not do. Get them out of the way and then move on to projects that interest you and can fire your ambition and motivation. Work hard in the morning and enjoy the rest of the day.

Chinese Horoscope Snake – Weekly Horoscope     

A challenging situation needs to be sorted out early this week. Talk to a friend if you feel undecided on Monday. Wednesday can bring a confrontation. Slow down if you feel angry in order to avoid plotting revenge. Careful listening can clear the air. Thursday is New Year’s Eve, a rare Blue Moon, and an Eclipse. Look within and make important promises to yourself about the year ahead. Religious ideas will benefit from a more creative approach this weekend.

Numerology Jan. 3, 2010

Creative expression is your forte. With this 3-Day converging with your own Three essence, you are right in the center of an artistic whirlpool! Ideas are swirling faster then you can get them out. Take a breath, and allow your ingenuity to take control. You may find that you are ready to try a new creative outlet – poetry or writing – maybe even acting or music. Whatever medium you choose, it will give you the podium you need to be heard. After all, this day was created with you in mind.

Love Horoscope Cancer – Jan. 4, 2010    

Your social life and general communication with others is highlighted right now. You can make use of this opportunity to mix with friends or make new ones, and also to find out about anything that is of interest to you. If you are looking for love, you may well meet the right person in an office or administrative setting, or on a training course.


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