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Tiger Woods

I am tired of the fascination with Tiger Woods’ personal life.  I am even more tired of hearing how it’s only talked about because people want to hear about it.  The claims are that media is a business and in order to keep viewers, Tiger must be talked about.  Well let me state for the record, I DO NOT WATCH TV TO HEAR ABOUT TIGER!  I’ve come across two things online that I’ve looked at regarding Tiger: His voicemail slow jam remix (sent to me via Facebook) and this picture (via Twitter).  That’s it.  I tune into ESPN to hear about sports: games, scores, analysis, news, and commentary.  Notice how gossip is not included in that list?  Anything regarding Tiger’s personal life, especially this, is none of my business and I don’t want to hear about it. 

I also don’t understand the Tiger backlash.  He’s a golfer, not a saint.  He isn’t being charged with a crime and has never professed to be a role model.  When I think about Tiger, I think about someone who wants to win.  (I discount his “I Am Tiger Woods” commercial ( as his attempt to be a role model.  I thought it was more about blazing your own trail to reach your dreams.)

Jake Locker

I don’t know anything about Jake Locker beyond what he can do on the football field.  The first time I saw him play in person was in his final high school football game, which was for the state championship.  He was more impressive in person than I could have imagined.  After that one game, I was excited to see him play for the University of Washington. 

My thought on his decision to return to UW for his senior year was, “I’m not surprised.”  There’s something about him that makes me believe that he really cares about having a winning season at UW.  I have no idea how good the team will be, but if they didn’t have a chance to be competitive, I think he would’ve entered the draft.  I realize that he’s leaving money on the table and that decisions to return haven’t always panned out well for players, but I think he has enough room to develop that this is a good decision for him.  (Unless he gets injured, then I’ll say it was the wrong decision.)  Besides if football doesn’t work out for him, apparently he can have a career in baseball.


What has had more influence on my life than Cancer?  Some think gender, race, or birth order can affect who you are but I think it’s cancer that has shaped me as much as anything else.  Having a friend recently diagnosed with it, and hearing updates about my uncle have me thinking about it a lot lately.

Tweets as News

Why do Tweets count as news?  If you’re a journalist/reporter, don’t base your column/report/article/update around someone’s tweet.  For one thing, they can be deleted and you can end up looking even dumber.  For another, simply copying what someone else types does not mean its news.  If they write it, then I can read it directly from them on Twitter.


Written by rachel

December 15, 2009 at 10:35 am

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