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Health Care Reform Debate

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What I find most interesting about the current conversation surrounding the health care reform debate is the criticism that President Obama is not taking charge.  As an Obama supporter during the past election one thing that appealed to me was that he wanted everyone to have a voice.  As I listen to the critique about the President standing back and giving everyone a voice, I wonder if they remember this part of his presidential campaign.                                 

It may not be easy to listen to commentators, analysts, politicians, and ordinary citizens beat you up for your approach, but I believe President Obama is doing the right thing.  There isn’t a single bill to debate, so it’s an opportunity to talk about every aspect that affects health care.  Let everyone voice their opinion about what should or should not be included.  It’s a debate, maybe not an organized or well thought out by everyone speaking out, but I don’t think anything (related to health care) should be off limits at this point in the conversation.  We can listen to what President Obama believes and would like to see, but I believe by criticizing him for not dictating the reform plan and the debate, we’re missing out on the opportunity to present him with our own ideas.

What makes our country great is our diversity and ability to express ourselves in our own way.  It’s also what makes debating national issues difficult.  I believe that this is an issue that everyone should be heard on, and that this is the time to listen to the arguments both for and against reform with an open mind.  Whatever plan we end up with, I think it’ll be a better, stronger plan if we take this time to listen to each other and share our opinions.


Written by rachel

August 27, 2009 at 7:50 pm

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