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What’s Happening To My Sports Writers?

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First it was Steve Rushin. Then Rick Reilly left Sports Illustrated for ESPN. Now Bill Simmons is retiring his column from ESPN the Magazine.

Just like with everything else, I know change is inevitable. I even welcome it every once in awhile. But I am sad to see changes in my favorite sports writers: Steve Rushin, Rick Reilly, and Bill Simmons. I know Reilly is still writing but seeing him as a TV host, or whatever he’s called while doing Homecoming, is odd. To me he is the topics that he brings to life in his columns, not a TV host (although he is just as funny in his segments as he is in his columns).

With both Rushin and Reilly now departed, Sports Illustrated is not the same magazine. It will be the same experience with Simmons no longer having a voice in ESPN the Magazine.

Their writing has heart and feeling, some insight, and most of all, I felt a connection. It may be odd, but I related to their writing on a very personal level. It wasn’t that they spoke with a male voice, but a sincere voice. I could understand since I was a fan, a person, someone with feelings and compassion. Maybe every column wasn’t written with as much love, or even effort, as another but each topic was real and relatable. I remember Rushin talking about UCONN, Reilly talking about Nothing but Nets (I also remember his column on cheerleading), and Simmons gave me the quote that I list as a favorite, and have on most, if not all, of my online accounts/pages/boards: I no longer trust guys who don’t follow the NFL. I feel like there’s something wrong with them.

Each week they entertained me, educated me, and found interesting ways to show how sports and life co-existed. As I get older I know I am less inclined to give new writers much of a chance, but it’s only because these aren’t just columns to me. I looked forward to what they have to say with each new issue. I am old fashioned in that I like to hold whatever it is I’m reading. Now I am left to wonder if what I’m holding is something worth reading.


Written by rachel

August 6, 2009 at 11:12 am

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