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Michael Jackson

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Superstar. It’s used to describe so many people. Too many people. Most really aren’t superstars, but with the internet and tabloid TV shows, it’s an easy way to sensationalize whatever story is being pushed. With the news of Michael Jackson’s death, though, we’re reminded of what a superstar really is.

For better or worse, he is a superstar that we loved, created, affected and idolized. In my lifetime I’m not sure that there will ever be anyone bigger than Michael. He embodies so many different things that it’s hard to describe him in any one singular way.

I will always remember him as the ultimate entertainer. I wish that I had been able to seen him live. I have a feeling that even the cheap seats would have been an amazing experience. He was absolutely mesmerizing whenever I saw him on TV and it really didn’t matter what he was doing. He was always someone to watch.

To this day, his music still moves me. I’m not sure if I’d call him a favorite. More than anything, he is part of my childhood like bicycles and Barbie dolls. As I grew up and he went through his changes, it was hard for me to watch. More than the actual physical changes, I saw a tortured soul. It seemed like he was chasing something he could never attain. His childhood? Acceptance? Love? Peace?

As I remember Michael Jackson, I think of his influence. He has inspired so many people. Not just as entertainers but ordinary people to be better. My hope is that he also shed light on the tremendous power we as fans can have on a single individual. We could never get enough of him…good or bad. I also hope that through his troubles, we learned how to separate celebrity from allegations. No one deserves a rush to judgment of either innocent or guilty.


Written by rachel

June 26, 2009 at 9:57 pm

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