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People I Admire

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I don’t remember the original reason for wanting to write about people I admire, but as I thought about different people and why I admire them, I started to identify characteristics that impressed me.  As a result this evolved into a list of characteristics instead of specific individuals.


1.    People who are confident

I am in complete amazement of anyone who is self-confident.  I don’t know if they believe it all the time or if they ever have to resort to faking it, but either way, I think it’s incredible.  People who are over-confident put me off, and people who are over aggressive and invade my personal space wreak of trying to over compensate for whatever it is they lack.  True confidence, I think, embraces acceptance. 


2.    People who are smart

When I say smart, I don’t mean book smart, although that is definitely impressive.  By smart I mean having knowledge in something that means a lot to them.  It can be anything from a video game to climate change.  I just find it incredibly attractive when someone loves something and does whatever they can to learn about it and experience it.


3.    People who are funny

I believe that comedians have been given a gift to see the world unlike everyone else.  It’s something that I am extremely envious of because while I think a person can become a better comic, I don’t think just anyone can be a comic.  Everyone can have a funny moment but not everyone can command an audience and engage them long enough to tell a joke.  In my most humble opinion the best comedians do not merely make you laugh, they make you think.


4.    People who are engaging

As someone who is not a people person, I find outgoing and friendly people to be a ray of sunshine.  I don’t think that they need to necessarily have a bigger-than-life personality but someone who can show interest with a question or a comment that reaches out and engages the people around them.  While I’m not as shy as I used to be, I am still very much an introvert who finds it a challenge to break out of my shell with people I am meeting for the first time.


5.    People who can give of themselves

I am probably one of the most selfish people on the planet and I feel guilty every time I see another person offer their charity.  It can be as simple as stepping aside to let someone pass, or carrying groceries out to the car.  I wish I could be more of a giving person but there’s this part of me that cannot give.


Here is a short list of people I admire:

President Barack Obama

Colin Powell

Michael J. fox

Bill Simmons

Rick Reilly

Jamie Moyer

Chris Rock

Jeff Foxworthy

Jon Stewart

Jay Leno



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