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It’s difficult every year for me to make my picks, however, this year seems especially difficult.  A reasonable argument could be made for the first four teams that get drawn from a hat to make the Final Four.  So, as I sat and stared at the brackets, I realized that I was looking forward to certain match ups more than anything else.


Here’s what I’d like to see, by each region:



I don’t watch many Pac 10 games but I’m really interested to see what USC & Arizona will do.  USC intrigued me in the Pac 10 tourney, and while I don’t have them bound for anything past the second round, they could definitely win a few games.   Arizona is a mystery to me this year.  I’m not sure they’ve spent any extended amount of time in the Top 25, but the games that I have seen them play in, they’ve looked like a strong Top 10 team.


The match ups in this round that I’d really like to see are: Louisville vs Ohio State, and in the Elite Eight, Michigan State vs Ohio State.  There is no logic to this pick, other than to be contrary to everyone picking Louisville.  I haven’t spent any amount of time watching any of these teams play, so this is really just a shot in the dark.



Unlike most everyone else who has UCONN as the only #1 seed not making the final four, UCONN is the only #1 seed that I have advancing to the final four, and even to the finals.  I think they are a team that could very easily go out in the first round, and yet, I can see them going the distance


There are two match ups I really want to see in this bracket:  UCONN vs UW and UCONN vs Memphis.  I think everyone wants to see UCONN vs Memphis.  Unlike in college football this would allow these two teams to settle things on the court.



While everyone seems big on Pittsburgh, I’m not convinced they’re a sure bet.  I think this region could come down to Pittsburgh, UCLA, or Duke, and I have Duke making it through to the Final Four.  I haven’t heard much about them this year, which is why I’m inclined to pick them.



Admittedly I am more than a little biased when it comes to this region.  I really think that if Gonzaga plays well in each game, they will win, regardless of who their opponent is.  (Don’t worry; I know that’s a big if.


The exciting match up for this region, if it can happen, is UNC vs Gonzaga.  The winner could very well go on to the Final Four, and quite possibly win the whole tournament.  The team that I’m really unsure of is Oklahoma.  They have a great player and yet I haven’t heard anything about them as a team, which leaves me skeptical of them advancing.  Syracuse was impressive in the Big East tournament, but I don’t have them making it to the Sweet Sixteen.  Depending on match ups, however, I think they could go as far as the Elite Eight.


With all that being said, my Final Four picks are: 

Michigan State



Gonzaga (If they play and lose to UNC, insert UNC here)


These are my thoughts on this year’s tournament, even after hearing on Mike & Mike that the ESPN research department found common threads that each of the past 20 champions have had.  After listing the criteria, it left Louisville and UNC as the two teams in the championship game.


Let the Madness begin!


Written by rachel

March 19, 2009 at 10:32 am

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