Slow Turning

Like the song says, you can learn to live with love or without it

Time flies

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I used to think that time flew by because I was so very busy.  There was work, friends, errands, bills, sleep…something that always kept me from what I really wanted to do.


Well now that my load has been lightened, time is still flying by.  I really believe that as I’ve gotten older I’ve lost my perspective on time.  I always think there’s enough time in a day to rule the world, only to come to the end of the day and realize I haven’t even taken a shower!


Free time is especially intriguing.  I make a list of what I need to do for the day, and then never look at it again.  Today, for example.  I decided I did not want to get out of bed to wash my car.  Much later in the afternoon, as I was vacuuming, I realized that I had forgotten to pick up my dry cleaning.  I haven’t even made it to the bank to deposit my $4.15 check!


I get that these are trivial tasks, but what about when it comes to doing something that actually matters.  Like finding a job?  Getting what I want out of life?


One of my favorite lines from a song is, Why should time be kinder if I’ve thrown it all away?  However, instead of using my time wisely, I spend it thinking about why I waste so much time.



Written by rachel

January 31, 2009 at 6:32 pm

Posted in Life

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