Slow Turning

Like the song says, you can learn to live with love or without it

Adventures in unemployment

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As I’ve spent the past week thinking of how to find a new job, and going over my resume, trying to think of everything I’ve done the past 8 years, it got me wondering who I am.


If personal resumes were required, this would be mine:


Name: Rachel


Age: 31


Sex: F


Location: Seattle


Childhood dreams:  to be a Solid Gold dancer, teacher, ice skater, doctor, psychologist, cpa, mall owner, and basically take the world by storm


Adult realities:  graduated from high school & college, found a job, and then found unemployment.  Am now faced with: What can I do?  What am I good at?  What is my passion?


Skills:  sleeping in, eating, surfing (the internet), watching tv… repeat every 3-4 hours


Interests/hobbies:  volunteering to help make the world a better place, lobbying for world peace……..oh wait, nevermind.  My skills are also my interests.


Who’s ready to hire me now???


Written by rachel

January 28, 2009 at 5:16 pm

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